Marcel Palm interview on new treatment for PTSD patients

Then I transcribe an interview with Mr. Marcel Palm, International recruiter at PSYTREC, on a new treatment for patients with post-traumatic stress Trsatorno,
Whose questions have been answered by Dr. Agnes van Minnen and Dr. Ad de Jongh.

You can see the original interview in English at the following link:

"We have developed a pioneering therapy to cure patients with severe PTSD in 8 days here in the Netherlands."

-What is the traditional treatment of PTSD?

 Traditional PTSD treatment provides therapy sessions in a two-or three-week session format

-What is the treatment of PTSD with PSYTREC?

International guidelines for the Treatment of PTSD recommend treatment with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) or EMDR therapy. What we do within PSYTREC is to combine these two treatments into a single intensive treatment program.

-Is there any limitation in the application PSYTREC according to age or any other characteristic of the patient?

Age should be over 18 and people should not have had suicide attempts. All of our patients suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (85% have a comorbid depression, 75% have been sexually abused, 45% before age 12)

Recommended Video: Nieuwsuur 20170128 Ad EMDR Psytrec, fragment

-What is the success rate of this PSYTREC intervention?

The current success rate is 67% after eight days of treatment, only 8% do not respond to treatment. Only 3% left.
Currently we are looking for 25 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists, you can see the details of the offer in the following link:

-How would a session with PSYTREC in the treatment of PTSD?

A session within PSYTREC begins immediately. The therapist is very strict in the application of the Protocol of the therapy (in the morning with imagined and live exposure, and by the Taree with the EMDR therapy) because the investigation shows that this produces the best results. We also work with a team of rotation therapists, which means that each session is conducted by a different therapist. This has several advantages that can be seen in this video clip.

Video in English: Clip Therapist Rotation

-What is the percentage of relapses with this treatment?

Six months after the program, 50% of patients do not meet the PTSD criteria.

-What is the level of satisfaction of patients who have received the treatment of PSYTREC?

96% of our customers are satisfied with the treatment, the average note is 8.3.

You can see the original interview in English at the following link:

From here, my thanks to Mr. Marcel Palm, Dr. Agnes van Minnen and Dr. Ad de Jongh for sharing this innovative treatment of PTSD.