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Do you know that physical exercise helps the brain?

Surely you have heard that expression of "mens Sana in Corpore sane", which means that in order to have an adequate mental health you also have to take care of the physicist, an ancient knowledge that sometimes is not taken too much into account.
Do you exercise daily?, what type of exercise do you do?, how many hours do you devote to exercise?, are common issues that can make you a pollster on the street when wanting to know the healthy habits of the population, and seldom receives An "adequate" response, either because of the kind of sedentary life we carry, or simply because we have no time.
It is clear from the many benefits of exercise, whether in the oxygenation of the organism, as well as helping to tone and maintain adequate flexibility, but does exercise really help the brain?

This is what has been tried to be resolved by research conducted from the Punan Shanghai Hospital; Shanghai Sport University and Tianjin University of Sport (China) whose results have been published in February 2019 in the scientific journal Plos One.
Forty-six adolescent males, aged between 19 and 22, twenty-one of them were basketball professionals, who were trained on average six hours a day, for five days a week, and the rest were University students who did not habitually practise, that no sport would act as control subjects.
All of them were analyzed using diffusion tensor where the density of the white substance is obtained which allows interconnectivity between areas, regions and hemispheres.
The results of the comparison between athletes and non-athletes shows that experts have shorter routes between regions, which makes them more effective in their executions, showing circuits specially optimized for care and Visual processing.
Fundamental aspects in this sport, where it is not only to throw to basket, for which it is necessary to "see well" the basket, if not that in a match most of the time is used to pass or to remove the ball of the opposite, so you have to be attentive to the signals , see the trajectories of the balls to intercept them…

The previous result is significantly related to the number of years of training, as well as more years of training, higher performance at the cerebral level.
Among the limitations is to comment that only males have been taken into account as the population under study, so the results cannot be extrapolated to women; Also the selection of a single sport, in the case of basketball has allowed to check the importance of optimized skills such as attention and visual capacity, but new research is needed to see what other capacities might be Involved in other sports.
Therefore, and without reaching the need to be a professional athlete, it can be said that the daily practice of sport, although it is moderate will help our brain to optimize various processes, depending on the sport selected.