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Do you know how to be more creative?

Creativity is one of the most important aspects in certain activities and professions especially in the arts. But today it is being considered as a plus in almost any job, because it allows to offer some degree of innovation on what is done. Thus certain departments seek among their personnel precisely to more creative people, already devote themselves to the design, the marketing or the management of the image of the company. Although there is a general idea about the genetic component of creativity, considering that some may have more creativity than others "from the Cradle", the truth is that art schools form the people interested in developing this part. Painters, sculptors, writers, and an endless professional who base their work precisely on creativity, but do you know how to be more creative? This is precisely what has been tried to respond with a research conducted from the University of Semnan together with the University of Ferdowsi (Iran) whose results have been published in the scientific journal International Journal of Psychology. Twenty women, all of them university students, participated in the study. Half of them were induced a positive emotional state and the rest negative, for which it was used the viewing of some images while listening to a type of music or other. To check the mood was assessed before and after the intervention by the Positive and negative Affect Scale (PANAs). Creativity was also assessed before and after the intervention by the Torrance Test for Creative Thinking (TTCT-B). The results show that the mood of the students changed according to the intervention performed, and that the creativity of the same was different. So those students who were induced a positive mood were more flexible, fluid and original when it comes to being creative. Instead, those students who received an induction into negative moods did not see their level of creativity affected. Among the limitations of the study was that only women were evaluated, then it is unknown whether males will maintain or not the previous results, equally the evaluation of creativity was performed only by test and not with any Artistic expression Proper. Despite the above limitations, the importance of the results in reporting that those who have a "good day" are potentially more creative, as indicated by previous research where they find relationships Significant between mood and greater motivation, attention and ability to generate new ideas. It is therefore that if you want to be creative you have to take care of the mood, enhancing as much as possible so that this is positive, either seeing or listening to pleasant stimuli that help induce that state.

By Dr. Juan Moisés de la Serna

Doctor of Psychology, Master in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Clinical Hypnosis Specialist. Recognized by the International Biographical Center (Cambridge – UK) as one of the top one hundred health professionals in the world in 2010. He also teaches in various national and international universities
Scientific disseminator participating in congresses, conferences and seminars; collaborator in various papers, digital media and radio programs; author of the blog “Advanced Open Learning in Psychology and Neuroscience, and twenty books on diverse subjects.
Currently he conducts research in the field of Big Data applications in healthcare utilizing data from India, United States and Canada, among others, work which he complements with consultancy to technological startups geared towards psychology and personal wellbeing.