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Do intelligent people live more?

Although the term of intelligence may be in discussion, what seems clear is that it offers a number of advantages in life.

The intelligence

Much has been investigated in relation to the level of intelligence equated to the C.I. or I.Q. In its English acronym, with Professional and personal success in life.
In fact there are still authors who defend the possibility of predicting "the future" of the minor who has an C.I. Elevated, augurándole "riches" and success, as evidenced by "some data" that analyze the people who have reached "the highest", observing how these have high C.I.
The problem of seeing reality is to use a logic that is not always correct, so one may consider that being born in Ethiopia makes you more likely to be a great bottom runner, because for many years, this town have emerged great athletes Q EU has maintained the hegemony of that country in the various modalities related to the background race.
Nowadays it is known that intelligence, which has a certain component of genetic predisposition, offers "possibilities" to the person who can "take advantage of them or not".
Thus, if Mozart had never been allowed to play a piano, he would certainly not have stood out as a composer and pianist; Or if Einstein had not been instructed in physics he could not have reached the theory of relativity.
But when one thinks of longevity, it does so in healthy style, but also in opportunities in life when feeding during development, but also access to a developed health system,… Socioeconomic aspects that account for the difference in the level of survival of the elders of one country against others.
When it comes to exposing the causes by which in the same country, and in the face of similar circumstances, some people live longer than others, we can quickly think of healthy habits, the absence of drug, tobacco or alcohol consumption, as well as the moderate practice of Sports, aspects all of which are recommended for the elderly with whom to offer a greater life expectancy.
With regard to psychological variables, longevity has been correlated with moderate moods, surviving these people to "wrathful" or "depressive", equally the level of scrupulousness has been correlated with a higher level of Survival but do intelligent people live more?

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Evaluating intelligence

This is what has been tried to respond with a research conducted from the Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh, along with the Center for Epidemiology and Medical Research, University of Southamptoh and Center for Public Health and research Medical, University of Glasgow (England) whose results have been published in January 2018 in the scientific journal Psychological Science.
The study took data from the Scottish Mental Survey initiated in 1947, which examined the level of intelligence of small born in 1936 to seventy eight hundred and five minors, of which have been employed data of thousand one hundred and eighty.
All of them have followed a follow-up in terms of mortality from 1968 to 2002.
A separation has been made depending on the execution in the form L of the test of Bient as a measure of the intelligence, distinguishing between people with high, average or low scores.
Likewise, the following characteristics of personality, self-confidence, perseverance, emotional stability, originality, scrupulousness and desire to excel separated the participants according to the scores reached in five Levels. Components from which three principals were extracted, perseverance, emotional stability and scrupulousness, and of the three were extracted a single index called reliability.
Finally, demographic data were recorded, as well as indices of malnutrition, economic aspects, frequency of use of the Doctor,..

Intelligence and survival

The results show that those small ones that had higher levels of intelligence are the ones that have survived in greater percentage compared to those that had average levels of intelligence.
Children with low levels of intelligence have shown half the chances of survival that those who had average levels of intelligence.
Equally and with respect to reliability it was verified that this personality index was used to predict the survival of the person, so those who showed higher rates lived more than those who obtained minor scores.
No significant results were extracted between each of the sociodemographic and personal variables evaluated with respect to survival.
There is No correlation between the level of intelligence and reliability.
As the authors point out, these results go in line with those found in different countries, where they have observed how small with low levels of intelligence show higher rates of early death, an aspect that has not been found that Relations with other socioeconomic aspects.
It should be borne in mind that some developmental disorders showing reduced levels of intelligence also lead to associated health problems, as in some cases of Down syndrome or autism, so it would not be so much a relationship Cause-effect, but that both factors are determined by genetic causes or by circumstances that occurred during gestation, such as exposure to toxics.
Therefore, among which there is a higher index of survival is among those who have a higher IQ and among those who show greater results in reliability, being the "optimal" combination for survival high levels of intelligence and Reliability and the "worst" possible situation for survival, low levels of intelligence and reliability.

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