Is it possible to determine your Instagram-based personality?

Every day we use social networks more, not only to communicate but also to "expose" our lives.
Some networks are used almost exclusively to "exhibit" What we do, eat, or simply like, through images and short texts as it is in the case of Instagram.
The birthday, a new car or the last concert are shared and exposed publicly so that any contact or can not give "follow" and see what that person likes.
Such is the amount of personal information that these social networks have come to replace the paper diaries and even photo albums.
Now everything seems to be on the internet, and so it has come to say that you can know more about the person than you know, only noting in what you share, gives "like",… But is it possible to determine your Instagram-based personality?

This is what he has tried to find out with an investigation carried out by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
In this case there has not been an investigation with people, but has trained a rad neuron to "read" images and Hashtags, to correlate with the results of personality of the Big Five.

The results show that after a time of training the neural network is able to determine with a 77,% success The extraversion feature of the images with text of Instagram while neuroticism only with a 69.6%
Among the limitations of the study is that although the model seems effective, it has not been corroborated with individuals who have been passed the Big Five questionnaire.
Despite the foregoing is a step to detect personality in what we do, even through social networks.