Interview with Ethelle Lord, M.Ed., DM, President and CEO at ICA

Interview with Ethelle Lord, M.Ed., DM, President and CEO at ICA, Is is changing the course of dementia with its discovery of REMISSION in dementia using the Good Shepherd Healing System(TM)

– What are you writing now?

2nd edition of my book, ALZHEIMER’S AND DEMENTIA COACHING and a research article for a medical journal on one of the case studies.

– What is the new that you treat in this book?

2nd edition will include research into achieving containment and remission of dementia as well as a new section on aggressive behavior of someone living with dementia.

– Is the content of the book based on your personal experience?

Personal experience, application and much research.

– What are the benefits of applying the coach in the field of azlhiemer’s disease?

The greatest benefit is uniformity in delivering services to this population. Examples is how to speak Alzheimer’s, history of dementia, how to deal with difficult situations, and best practices, services and optimal health for those living with dementia, to give you a few examples.

– Who would be the recipient of the coach, the patient or their family members?

The family first because they are the first to deal with the care of someone they love who has been diagnosed with a form of dementia. The health professionals such as the doctors, nurses, administrators who provide care to such patients. They will know what to say to families and the patients. They will also learn how to best provide services and include the family as part of the care team. The coach is experienced in all aspect of dementia care and therefore is able to support/guide the family, the professionals, and the community. – Are there different applications of the coach depending on the type or severity of dementia? Yes. The coach is aware of all stages and able to encourage others to remain flexible, adaptable and helpful to the end of life.

– How and where can one train to be an Alzheimer’s disease coach?

Coach training is done online and in a virtual environment (see application attached to give you an idea). Internships are done in the region of the world where the participant resides and consists of two separate internships: basic and advanced. I hope I have answered your questions. The next training session for this course will begin in March 2019 and end in January 2020. Every class is limited to no more than 9 participants forming three teams of 3 individuals each team. Do let me know if there is anything further I can do for you. Kindly, ~ Dr. Ethelle Lord