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Interview with Dr. Shulem Gavriel on the clinical graphology I

Next, I present the first part of the interview to Dr. Shulem Gavriel on the clinical Graphology
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-What is graphopathology and what is its objective? 
Graphopathology is a branch of the graphology that is used to detect and study the graphic traits projective of physical or psychic illnesses in writing, the spelling of pathology show the sui generis hallmark of each disease itself that in the traits Handwriting gives indicators of the type of condition, when the patient has a relevant condition he is asked to write in order to obtain a sample of his writing, when performing a neurosurgical procedure the patient could be asked for a Writing before and a few weeks after it to compare the type of evolution/involution in the adherence of the treatment of the disease, the person who has suffered a major illness does not rewrite the same, the brain takes the disease and makes it his , so the traits inherent in the condition are stored and transmitted through scripture.
A research representative of his letter in Graphopathology's specialty is Kanfer, he realized the structural changes in his scriptural traits three years before he died. Each disease has its distinctive characteristic of the pathology, which can be observable and analyzed in different areas of the conformation of the letter, these pathological patterns are located in the different graphic areas, as is the initial zone, zone Upper, middle zone, lower zone and end zone. The letter has equivalences with the human body, in this way the location where it is located and the type of pathology is determined. The anomalies can be analyzed from the form, pressure, size, continuity, direction, distribution, among other elements in the scriptural traits.
The graphology is a scientific analytical system for having a methodology to decode the graphics executed by the scribe, is subject to the criteria of reproducibility and theories that underlie this knowledge. Conforms to the auxiliary system of social sciences such as psychology, sociology and criminology, it is a great help to be a projective personality test with influence of the context that surrounds the individual for this reason the graphology helps to understand the Biopositive and bionegative emotional gradient in the patient.

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-How do you work with graphopathology and clinical graphology?