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Interview with Vivienne the robe Sopranis on EGGOMOTION

Entrevi a D. Vivienne Steal Sopranis on EGGOMOTION



Eggomotion is a book, music, online courses, lectures and a lot of training material adapted to the needs of the user.

-How and when does EGGOMOTION arise?

It came up in my office. I've been in the profession for about thirty years as a psychologist. On one occasion, a person asked me why I left things for later. I had to explain several very complex concepts. I started by illustrating the many, sometimes contradictory, voices that lead us to indecision….. About some eggs I took out of the fridge! And I left them at the office, for not going to leave them in the kitchen. Then something very unexpected happened. The other patients began to ask for them and ask me to draw more to illustrate their feelings, feelings and some concepts. As my dog Wanda ate three, I had to start making them wooden. Thus was born Eggomotion. Later, I developed a map of the spaces of the mind to integrate the functioning of its characters.

-What is the objective of EGGOMOTION?

Eggomotion aims to help anyone visualize the functioning of the mind, both individually and collectively. It is an educational tool, a therapeutic tool and a consultancy tool. One of its objectives is to de-stigmatize the idea of mental health problems, so it is cheerful, beautiful and easy to understand.

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-What type of user and ages is directed EGGOMOTION?

Eggomotion has been using 4 years with people from three years to adulthood. The most interesting thing is that, being a visual tool, it is very intuitive. In addition, children often teach their parents.

-What benefits can be expected from the practice of EGGOMOTION?

Eggomotion makes it easy to talk about things that are hard to define, creates a safe space, "out there" to talk about the mind and is very democratic:
We all have the same spaces and elements of the mind, only that we use it differently. In the face of this way of showing the mind, in the first place, the relationship with the mind changes. He's got a face.
Secondly, therapeutic processes and explanations are greatly accelerated to people in the environment they are suffering from in their mint process.
Third, you can do simulations or experiments, ask, "What if…." and play it on the board.
Fourth, it is a powerful and fun psychoeducation tool. It will give tools from the earliest childhood. Children learn with songs, dances and stories. It's natural and enjoyable. And they educate their environment by talking naturally about what they feel.

-How is a EGGOMOTION session?

Eggomotion is a tool that serves for all sessions, is not a session itself. It's a very powerful help.

-Where can you form one in EGGOMOTION?

To learn more about Eggomotion you can read "Eggomotion, the mind in motion. In Spanish ", which will be on Amazon since April 20. You can also write to and enter our website, or Facebook. All from April 20th. I'm available to give lectures and present the book in May. The place is still pending, but I'll keep you informed.


From here my thanks to Mrs. Vivienne steal Sopranis for having approached us to EGGOMOTION