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Interview with Ms. Miriam Lupercio about the Red Nose project

Interview with Ms. Miriam Lupercio, psychologist of the Red Nose Project

-What is the Red Nose project?
Red Nose in a project that aims to help children with cancer and/or blood-related illnesses in addition to providing support to their family by offering the following services: Stay, dining room, laundry, bathrooms, psychology services, Support with pantry, on occasion support with drugs and studies. In addition we have what the school with primary, secondary and preparatory, in which we serve the same population and some of the brothers because many are low-income people.

-How did you come up with the Red Nose project?
Born in the summer of 2009 when the founder goes to the New civil Hospital Juan I. Menchaca and knows the needs, being the manager of the general project is the psychologist Alejandro de Jesús Barbosa Padilla.

-What are the main demands that are served from the Red Nose project?
The main would be the stay, dining and blood donation.

-What is the role of the psychologist in the Red Nose project?
Moms know me as the person who when I go with her I can clarify my ideas and go ahead and the children who when they are afraid or are restless go with me,


-How does the psychologist intervene in the Red Nose project?
My role in the hostel is containment when they arrive from an unfavourable diagnosis or news and time after acceptance, adaptation. In school I devote more to the evaluation because we are in the process of investigation.

-What benefits does the psychologist's intervention give in the Red Nose project?
That my patients have a treatment with a little more adaptation, recognizing their strengths, losses and how they can cope, in addition to possessing relaxation tools that use them in their treatments that's how many pediatric and parents would be Adapting to new demands, blaming for leaving the family, fears for one's own experience and loneliness because they only come with the patient (that's because we have people from many states of Mexico.

PUT on THE RED-for them!

-What is a psychologist's intervention session in the Red Nose project?
That depends a lot if they are patients in active treatments, control or palliative or if it is in the school

From here my thanks to Mrs. Miriam Lupercio for having shared her experience in the Red Nose project in which she works.