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Are dogs beneficial among teenagers?

Animal therapy has been widely accepted for its great health benefits.

Animal therapy

This therapy extended initially to supply some deficiencies, as in the case of the blind, through the guide dog; It has been beneficial for other problems such as the loneliness of the elderly, hence in some residences receive once a week the visit of trained dogs from specialized associations.
Among the benefits offered by this type of therapy is to fight loneliness, to guide the person are dogs beneficial among teenagers?

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Animal Benefits in adolescents

This is what has been tried to respond with a research conducted from the Department of Psychology, University Cristina of Canterbury (England) whose results have been published in October 2017 in the scientific journal Psychology and Behavioural Sciences International Journal.
Twenty students, aged between 20 and 23, all women, participated in the study.
All of them were exposed to a task that generated anxiety, having to make a defense of a job in public in front of their peers, taking steps before and after exposure of anxiety levels through the e State-Trait Anxiety inventory short Form (STAI-6).
Half of the participants went through a session with a dog, and the rest not, acting as a control group.
The results show that those who had contact with the dog showed significantly lower levels of anxiety than those who had not.

Adolescence and Dogs

Among the limitations of the study is to have selected only female population, so it is not known whether or not the same effects are maintained in the male population.
In spite of this, the contact with dogs generates in the adolescents important benefits in the reduction of their levels of anxiety, improving thus their academic execution.
It would remain to determine the benefits of a medium-or long-term dog intervention, beyond the specific fact investigated in this study.
It would also be undiscovered if the treatment with dogs is useful and effective for anxiety disorders.

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